Stacey Hughes

NETA Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness and Cycling Instructor

NETA Certified in “FallProof” for aging adults

I am a wife and a mom of two active children. I have, since high school, been enthusiastic about my physical fitness and health. My love of physical fitness eventually would lead me to my career in Personal Training. In 2012, I made the leap into the industry by becoming certified as a group fitness instructor. I began teaching a core-specific class at Brownsburg Fitness to get my foot in the door. I since have taught everything from Boot Camp style classes to Indoor Cycling, which I especially love teaching. This certification was a stepping stone in my career leading me to where I am now. Next, I became certified in Indoor Cycling to gain more specified training with this type of teaching. Once I saw how I could impact others’ lives through fitness conditioning and training through guiding members through a structured fitness class, I wanted to do more with members on a one on one basis. Naturally, I worked toward a Personal Training certification. I have trained a wide variety of clients, men and women alike, including aging clients, teenage athletes, youth athletes, post-partum mothers, and individuals simply interested in changing their lifestyles. Additionally, I have specialized in small groups and couples training. I have helped many of my clients to realize success in obtaining decreases in body fat, weight loss and overall strength and conditioning. I love to push my clients beyond where they think they can go in a safe and effective way to help them achieve maximum results and reach their goals.

With “diet” and nutrition being a major component of a healthy lifestyle, my next step is to obtain my certification in nutrition through Precision Nutrition, which I am currently working toward.

If you’re looking to make changes to your fitness regimen and/or lifestyle, give me a call! I would love to work with you toward obtaining your goals!